Is it required that my child's coach attend the competition?

Is it required that my child's coach attend the competition? Or can my daughter just go alone. She has a coach but it can get pricey when your paying all the expenses for a coach (not that they don't deserve it because I think they do) but could she go to a competition without her coach?

I'm not 100% sure on this because I've never done it myself, but I believe in Canada at least, you can attend a competition without a coach.

I don't think I would recommend this for a less experienced competitor but if your daughter has a lot of experience at competitions and isn't afraid to ask questions to make sure she gets on the ice at the right time, etc. then it can be ok. There are other factors too, like what happens if your daughter gets hurt or has a bleeding nose or any issue while on the ice. You're not going to be able to offer any functional support from the stands.

If your daughter isn't very experience and super confident, I would suggest you talk to your coach. It won't be the first conversation they've had about minizing costs at a competition. There might be another coach from your club going who would agree to take care of your daughter at the boards, so that way you're splitting the coach's travellng expenses rather than paying them all yourself.