Dynowear Protective Clothing

If there's one thing you can count on with learning to skate it's falling. Your child will fall. There will likely be tears sooner or later. Knees, hips, elbows and especially tailbones are vulnerable points of contact when your skater falls on the ice and there's no competition as to who wins in a collision between ice and body. The body always looses.

My daughters were well past the learn-to-skate stage when I heard about these product, so I have no first-hand experience with them but I really like the concept. The only tears I ever recall seeing my daughters shed after a skating fall were when they landed on their tailbones. It's happened to both of them at least once and the Dynowear padded pants would have gone a long way to softening that blow.

If you've got a kid learning to skate, consider wrapping them up in some Dynowear Protective Clothing.

Dynowear Protective Clothing


+1 # threenorns 2013-03-15 21:19
oh WOW! i am going to check this out - my daughter falls *all* *the* *time*. she's obsessed with going faster and when she takes a spill now, it's not unusual for her to roll 6 - 8ft before she can stop or, as today, slide 4-5ft in a sitting position. i don't know how she's not black and blue all over, nor can i figure out how she's not limping and hobbling for days after (she's not - she never bruises, no matter how hard the hit, and she's never sore the next day).

the ones that scare me are the tailbone hits bec those can have serious ramifications.
# threenorns 2013-03-15 22:07
okay - checked them out and they're for *little* kids. my daughter is 6yrs old and a big girl - she hasn't a prayer of getting into them. they're working up a size 6 to come out some time this year.

in the meantime, the very nice man at dynowear gave me a name - jerry's padded shorts - when all i kept finding was bunion cushions and heel pads on google (search term too generic).

here's the page for jerry's protective accessories: http://www.jerryskate.com/category/19.aspx

it comes with a dealer locating service, as well - my daughter needs size 10-12, which is probably a youth medium, costs $50 in lindsay, ontario.