Boys who figure skate

If you were a 14-18-year old boy, can you think of any place you'd rather be than a figure skating club? Think about it. Girl to boy ratio of about 10 to 1. Now if only I'd figured that out when I was 5 so that I could have been a good skater when I was a teenager.

Obviously the presence of a large number of girls isn't going to attract a lot of young boys to the sport, but there are boys who do figure skate and, in general, they are a highly dedicated group of skaters. At our club, there are boys who figure skate at all levels from beginner up to high competitive levels. They are as diverse as any group of boys you'll meet. Many of them are engaged in other sports as well and many of them are typical modern kids who are extremely active in academic and extracurricular activities. Some of the boy skaters I know are also football players, soccer players, gymnasts, ballet dancers, and indoor wall climbers. Some of the younger kids play hockey as well as figure skate. So figure skating is a sport whose participants are as diverse as any group.

Stereotypes for the types of boys that are attracted to figure skating are falling away but you still get a second look in most communities if you're a boy who figure skaters. However, if you are an independant boy, who loves to skate, isn't afraid of hard work, isn't afraid of hard ice, can take a little teasing and likes the combination of athletics and creative expression that figure skating offers, don't be afraid to give it a try.

And when you're a teenager, anyone who teased you for figure skating will be jealous when they realize you spend your time surrounded by beautiful skater girls.