Can you go from group skate to star skate in one year?

Looks like a question form another ambitious skater. The answer to the question of can you progress through all the group skating levels of CanSkate to STARSkate in one year isn't easy to answer. In general, I'd say it's unlikely. It would take some physical as well as mental maturity to do develop that much skill that quickly. However, if you have a good amount of natural athletic ability, particularly good balance, and took classes 3 or likely more times a week,

it might be possible. That said, it's far from guaranteed and even if you did have natural ability and skate a lot and work really hard with the coaches, you still may not make it. I think you'll find that most kids take two to three years to complete all the badges of the STARSkate system. Some take more.

Keep in mind that while you're donig your group lessons, your skating club may also allow you to start taking private or semi-private lessons as well. These may or may not be available in the same time slot as your group lessons so you will likely need to buy extra ice time as well as pay for the private/semi-private coaching.

CanSkate is really good for working on your core skating skills even if you are ready to start working on the advanced skating skills offered at the STARSkate level, so don't be in too big of a hurry to get out of your group lessons. If you've got a good coach teaching CanSkate, keep it up and add some private lessons as well.


# Kay 2017-03-09 19:15
My daughter did CanSkate 1-5 in one year skating once a week and started Starskate the next year, she was 7.

I'd say that any previous skating and age are also a factor. I had no idea about Starskate it was not our objective but in hindsight if it was I would have done another day of Canskate each week.