What about getting a 13 year old boy into figure skating?

Well, another question about boys figure skating.

13 years old is certainly on the late side for starting to figure skate but there's nothing that says it's too late. You're probably not on track for an olympic medal, but that doesn't mean you can't learn the skills and perform at a high level.

Skate Canada's Long Term Athlete Development program identifies the importance of learning some skills at a young age or it may be difficult or impossible to master some skills. Learning to jump is certainly harder when you're older but it's not impossible. I've seen adults learn to do smaller jumps so there's no reason a tough and fearless, 13 year old can't learn to jump well. Kids I've seen who come to skating later sometimes follow the path of being an ice-dancer rather than a free-skater, so jumping isn't as much of an issue for a boy.

If you're 13 years old, and want to learn to figure skate, go for it. It's a challenging road and you'll have to watch kids half your age out jump you for a few years, but regardless of the level you acheive in the sport, you'll have a lot of fun and learn a fantastic new skill. Skating is fun. It's fast and smooth and powerful and elegant and exciting. Skate because your love to skate.