How tall can a male figure skater be?

Well, this is one of the more unusual questions I've received to date. The good news is that there is no height limit for male figure skaters. They do tend to be shorter than average but that doesn't mean you can't be a tall skater and reach some level of success. Being taller does make the skills a little more difficult because your centre of gravity is higher, and without getting into a lot of physics, someone who is really tall will have slightly more difficulty mastering the skills.

And the reality is that the taller you are, the further you have to fall when you fall. However, even if you're not tall, physics is not your friend if you are broad as well. If you have really a really big upper body (I'm not talking fat just big bones, broad shoulders,) that also works against you. It's harder to spin quickly if you have a lot of mass to spin which makes spinning and rotating jumps harder.

All that said, height can be an asset if you go down the ice-dance route. There are taller girls who dance beautifully but can't find a partner that's tall enough for them, so if you think you're getting too tall to free skate, take a look at the dance sessions. There is always demand for a capable male dance partner.