The Never Ending Mountain

Just as your child is starting to get a handle on one jump, they'll start to introduce another one. This has the effect of always giving them something new to work on as well often resulting in them loosing a skill they've previously mastered. As they start to work on their double jumps, they might start to over-rotate their axel for example so there's some more work to do to get what they thought they had already mastered back into shape. There's always a new challenge for a figure skater. There's never really any time when they can just relax at the level they've attained.

Sometimes I have to remind my daughters of what they've acheived so far. They forget that there was a time when they couldn't do a single salchow. They look to higher level skaters and can feel like they're not making progress.

It's a never ending mountain but hopefully they can stop and look around at the view from the height they've already climbed.