How do I know if my kid is a really good skater?

Well, your coaches should be able to give you some indication. Most clubs are pretty good at identifying the kids who show the most inherent ability for the sport and a good coach should speak to you and let you know how good your daughter is. If your coach doesn't voluntarily talk to you about your daughter's performance, call the coach or try to speak to them after the session ends (if they aren't trying to get back on for another session).

The reality is that your daughter might show no particular ability at first but may ramp up over time. Some kids seem very strong out of the gate but loose interest, don't develop or don't have the self discipline to improve. Keep in mind that we're talking about kids who are 4, 5 and 6 years old sometimes. I wasn't good at anything when I was that age so don't loose too much sleep if your kid doesn't doesn't look like Joannie Rochette the first time she steps on the ice. It could be weeks before she looks that good!

Some sectional, regional or national skating organizations have processes for assessing the talent of young skaters so check out the relevant Web site for your area. I'd be a little skeptical of this kind of process since some kids mature later than others but it's one more avenue to investigate if you're trying to understand where you kid stands in the big picture of skating.