How many hours per week should an 8 year old who is starting figure skating skate?

That's a really loaded question. There isn't one single answer. It depends on what your objectives are for the sport and the skater's talent. If your objectives are to start wining in STARSkate competitions then you've probably got a bit of catching up to do. Other skaters have started as young as 3.5 or 4 years old but that doesn't mean you can't catch up.

However, you do have to expect to spend more time on the ice per week than those skaters are spending. On average, you'll find that 8 year old skaters who have been skating for a few years are probably on the ice 3 hours per week. A good club is also giving them some off-ice training to complement their on-ice training. So, if you want to catch up and get ahead, you probably want to think about skating at least 5 hours per week and don't forget the off-ice training. Off-ice can also be in the form of other complementary activities such as gynastics or ballet or some other form of dance.


# Ann 2015-08-23 10:35
My daughter is struggling with disappointment - at the moment she keeps placing last in every competition. I try to focus not on winning but improving her skate skills but I can see her self esteem getting knocked around. She is only 8 but there is a lot of pressure for her to compete at our club , Her coach is great and we have agreed not to move her up to the next grade yet although her peers have ( another self esteem blow tho) .I just don't know that competing is for my daughter - her technical skills are on par with the other kids but she just seems to lack the performance side . she has been going to gymnastics and does some dance which she loves but it hasn't made much of an impact on her skating unfortunately. I haven't put any pressure on her to compete but she really wants to. Any suggestions to help her deal with her next comp are welcome.