How much coaching does my kid need?

From my experience, the amount of coaching time is significantly affected by the age of the skater. A 5 or 6 or 7 year old skater often has a hard time keeping themselves busy and focused for more than a few minutes. They get distracted. They get bored. They forget what they should practice, etc. So, for young kids, I think small group lessons are the way to go.

They can still have some time on their own to practice their skills but at least 50% instruction is a good minimum. This is really kid dependent though. If your kid is really independent, they may be able to spend more time on their own, but I've seen most kids benefit from more coaching time at young ages. Even kids who are a few years older can get off track and won't make the best use of their time on the ice. If your kid is skating in lazy circles by the boards, you might want to try to up the coaching time.

Once your daughter is 8-9 years old and up, they can probably work unsupervised for 45 minutes with 15 minutes of coaching time.