How much does figure skating coaching cost?

The cost of figure skating coaching varies a lot and depends on:

  • the club,
  • the qualifications of the coach,
  • the number of kids being coached at one time,
  • and to some degree the coach's competitive performance. An Olympic medalist can probably charge a premium.

$40 – $75 per hour is common but some will charge more. This assumes a private lesson with a 1:1 coach student ratio.

Group Figure Skating Coaching Costs

Some coaches will accommodate small groups as well and typically spread the cost out over the group of skaters. If you're trying to keep costs down, ask your coach if they do small group  lessons and if there are any groups at the same skill level as your daughter. Small groups of skaters who are approximately at the same level of skill can learn almost as much as if they had 1 on 1 instruction. Some coaches take on multiple kids but don't reduce the cost so you want to be sure of the deal with your coach before you commit.