How much time do I have to spend at the rink?

You'll probably start off at 1 hour per week. You can do more of course but typically, if your daughter is 4 or 5 years old, 1 or 2 hours per week will be lots. In Canada, they'd be doing the CanSkate program.

Once they've completed CanSkate, or their coach has recommended that they move up to higher level skating, you'll probably be looking at 1 hour per week for a recreational skater. 2 or 3 hours per week for a kid with greater aspirations. If your kid is on track to be a high performing competitive skater with aspirations for provincial, state, national and international events, by the time she's ten years old, she'll be at the rink 8-12 hours per week. Depending on your coach, you'll eventually be looking at 20 or more hours and when you take into account off-ice training time too, the skating club and other rinks will become a second home.

When your kids are young, you should plan to stay while they're on the ice. Occasionally they do take a tumble and they need some parental comfort. Coaches aren't really the people to do this and if your kid is in a group lesson, the coach has to keep teaching other kids.


# threenorns 2013-03-13 01:25
oh dear. 4 - 5yrs old, 1 - 2hrs is "lots", eh?

my daughter's 6 and if she can get 5hrs a day on ice, she'd do it with a smile.

but not competitive - she just wants to skate; i just want her to skate properly so she won't suffer from doing things wrong (lower back injury from leaning too far forward, for example, which is what we discovered today, which was her first day with a ... not "coach", per se... probably "mentor" would be a better word).