I'm worried that my kid isn't progressing quickly enough.

Don't worry. You can solve this by spending more money. That sounds a bit cynical but it's essentially true. Skating twice a week rather than once a week will usually accelerate skills development. Spending more time with a coach may also help. But ask yourself how much it matters. What benchmark are you comparing against.

There are always going to be kids that are better. If your child is getting left behind by her peers at skating, maybe more ice time is the key. Maybe more off ice time training is required. Talk to her coach and see if you can identify what needs to change. Maybe your kid and your coach aren't an iedal fit. Or maybe getting some focused help on a particular problem area from another coach may inject a little more life into your skater and help them get over a hump. It may just be that skating isn't your kid's sport. That doesn't mean she has to pack up the skates, but she may start feeling left behind if her friends are advancing more quickly. Crank up the ice time and you'll probably see improved results. Or she'll burn out, never want to skate again and spend thousands of your dollars on therapy.