How much do figure skating coaches charge for competition?

I guess since we're getting close to the end of the year, we've had a few people looking for information about how much they have to pay their coaches when they go to a competition.

There's no standard rule here, but this will give you a guideline.

You should really have this conversation with your coach to understand what their expectations are. It doesn't take long for an long distant, out-of-town competition with a coach with only one skater to add up to thousands of dollars. Not something to be taken lightly.

Local competition

You can generally expect to be covering the coach's hourly rate for some or all of the time they're at the ice with your skater. If the coach has multiple kids at a competition, they generaly will split the cost across the kids. If the coach is missing coaching time with other kids, they may also charge for their lost wages. This often comes up when the coach is travelling to an out-of-town competition.

Out of Town Competitions

This is an area with a lot of variability across coaches. Some are very frugal and try very hard to keep their costs to a minimum while others aren't so cost conscious. Don't be surprised if you're picking up the full cost of your coach for making the trip. That includes; hotel, food, incidentals, travel (air fare, taxis, etc.), and lost wages since they can't work while they're at a competition with you.


# Kiryhin 2014-12-03 18:39
Well pardon me for being naive.... but couch who get paid for continuous training of a student - should be as much interested in going to competition as the student.

If student wins - couch most likely will be getting more students and can raise prices that way for being good/popular/responsible.

Otherwise - it feel more like a scam for parents.

Please don't get me wrong - but couch lost wages ? travel expenses? food? - this is a corporate type style life - while none of the families or couches are corporations.