Photographing Figure Skaters

As my daughters spent more and more time at the rink, I found some time to get back to a long lost hobby of taking photographs. Since I was at the rink, figure skaters become the subject of my photography.

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Canon 70-200 continuous shots color shift problem. photographs pink

My first reaction on hearing this question was to suggest that it's a problem with lighting. I see this all the time when shooting in arena's because the light bulbs in arena's are often all different temperatures. Some give off a distinctly blue hue and others are definitely pink. The solution is to do your best to set the Kelvin temperature for your white balance or use your camera's method for automatically setting white balance. Just make sure you don't assume the ice is white, because it's not. And don't assume that all the light bulbs in the rink are the same. On our rink, some are distinctly blue and some are distinctly pink so no matter where I set my white balance, it is wrong some of the time. 


Dumping Canon for Nikon

34 Happy Years of Canon

I've been a dedicated Canon buyer since I bought my first SLR at the age of 13. 

  • 1979 AE1 (50mm, 80-200 zoom)
  • 1989 AE1 program (30-70, 70-300, 500mm reflector)
  • 1997 EOS Rebel for my wife (35-70, 75-300)
  • 1997 Canon 8mm video recorder
  • 2005(ish) Canon SD700IS
  • Canon point and shoots for my kids

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