Skates too big - Solution?

Someone asked what to do when skates are too big for their skater. Well, generally it's a good idea to get skates that fit well with only a little room for growth. However, if that's not an option at the moment, there are a few old stand-bys that can help make a small foot fit better in a big skate that's too big.

  • Thicker socks
  • Crumpled newspaper or paper towel in the toe of the skate (just make sure it's not too tight)
  • Thicker insole
  • Cork insert under insole
  • If you're really in a jam and need to fit the skate right now, take out the insole, get some cardoard, trace the insole on the cardboard and cut it out. Then put the cardboard in the skate and put the insole back in.

Remember, though, proper fitting skates are important to the success, comfort and safety of a skater. If your skater is setting of to learn how to skate, get equipment that fits.