Are expensive ice skates better?

I have a general discussion on the cost of skates but in general, you need to buy the right kind of skates for the type of skating you're doing and the size and weight of the skater. If you're a high level skater but are very small and light, you won't get the right performance out of a really expensive, stiff, high-end boot. Conversly, if you're just a beginner and you're fairly big, you will need a fairly firm boot but not too firm. This is where a professional skating shop is worth the time and cost. They should have sales staff that will put you in the right boot and blade.

This site has a really good guide on selecting the appropriate type of skate for your skater.



# Amanda 2015-05-11 15:24
My 10 yr old was put with a new coach who referred my son to be professionally fitted for his skate. Through this we learned that my son has a pronation in his feet that was easily corrected with inserts from the store. The coach also specified the blade she wanted him to use. Our cost for all this was $550, but when you consider the club fees and coaching fees, the difference having the right skates has made was more than worth it. Consult a professional to get the best fit for athletic performance and SAFETY. Don't skimp on skate sharpening expertise as well. Coaching and ice time are expensive...acc ept that the skates are not the area you want to get cheap. Just my thoughts from personal experience. We can eventually trade-in towards a new pair when he outgrows these.