What about hair and makeup for competitions?

Yeah, this part gets insane. Please see the response to “Is this sport really whacked?”. Your coach should be able to set the expectations for you but here is my synopsis of the situation. Your daughter's hair can't have any fly-away bits.

Think pony tail to pull the hair together, back and away from her face. Add in some clips to grab any errant hair that isn't held by the pony tail and then touch things up with a some hair gel just to make sure everything stays in place. That's enough to not get points taken off by the judges but you'll find that lots of girls show up at competitions looking like they spent the morning at the hair dresser. (bobby pins are not recommended and sometimes not allowed because they fall out too easily and are then a hazard to other skaters).

Pig tails are ok if they're short, but my daughter, who has long hair, pointed out that when she has pig tails and spins or jumps, the hair hits her in the face. Not ideal for effective execution of important elements. As a result, we no longer have pig tails for skating. <sigh> Dad always though pig tails were cute.

Here's a side-bar on pony-tails vs. hair buns. If your daughter's stroking technique isn't perfect and she bounces up and down more than she should, a pony tail emphasizes this for the judges. So, in those cases, a bun might be a better strategy. Don't ask me how to do a good bun. I abdicate responsibility to my wife or another mom for such things. My capabilities stop at pig tails and pony tails.

Make up? I don't know. I don't let my daughters wear makeup yet. I don't know if and when this becomes essential. Lots of young kids show up to competitions in make up so depending on what your opinion of make-up is, you can at least be prepared for what you're going to see.

<sigh> Since I first wrote this topic, I've lost the battle. My coach started adding make-up to my daughter when she was 8. While this generally seems unnecessary to me, there is something to be said for adding a little colour to their skin. It is, afterall, the deep of winter and summer tans have long faded, so I guess I have to concede that a little colour doesn't hurt. But go easy on the icing ok?