What about skate sharpening?

Talk to your coach. In general, I wouldn't get them sharpened at the rink and never do them in one of those automatic machines. There seems to be a lot of opinions on sharpening and you'll find some people who claim a certain place does a terrible job and others do a fantastic job. There are also some proprietary coatings that can be added to a blade after sharpening which are supposed to make them faster.

I have no idea whether these things are worth the extra money or not. I'm sure these subtleties matter when you get to a high performance level, but I suspect they don't matter too much for the first few years.

When figure skates are sharpened, the grinding stone has a rounded profile on it so that the edges of the skate sit higher than the center of the blade. The radius of the rounded profile influences the speed of the skate. A good skate sharpener should be able to recommend an appropriate radius for the ability level of the skater. Your coach should also be able to tell you what to do and where you will get a good sharpen put on the skates.


# threenorns 2013-03-13 02:53
i get them done at canadian tire - if i don't go there, i have to drive half an hour to the next town to get to the sports shop i bought them at. CT seems to do the job.

my question is, "how often"? i've heard "about twice a year", i've heard "every single time she skates on outdoor ice", i've heard "every two months if she's skating twice a week", i've heard "she's only little so you dont' really need to worry about that yet".