What about soft boot skates like Soft-Tecs?

These are great for young kids who are just learning to skate. They're comfortable and a little warmer than leather boots. They're also more flexible so they're great for learning. Your kid can probably do some beginning jumps in soft boot skates but I think most coaches would tell you that she should be in a leather boot once they get to that level. They can probably get through CanSkate in a soft boot and after that, it probably depends on how they're progressing.

One of my daughters was happily landing waltz jumps in soft-tecs with hockey blades before we switched her over to leather boots with picks. The other had graduated up to Soft-tecs with pics to land those jumps. We might have kept her in soft-tecs too long but at the time we didn't know any better.

If you're not sure what skates your skater should be wearing, talk to your coach and hopefully they'll give you a fair assessment of your skater's requirements.

Soft-tec skates are available with both a hockey blade and a figure skating blade in the smaller sizes at least.