What other extras do I have to end up paying for?

  • Skates.
  • Skate sharpening.
  • Skating outfits.
  • Skating bag.
  • Skating association fees.
  • Club registration fees (that's over an above the ice time and coaching).
  • Competition entrance fees.
  • Paying for your coaches' time while at competitions
  • National skating test fees.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Off-ice training (yoga, pilates, strength training, dance/ballet)

Actually that's shorter than the short answer, but there's more. There are two major components to the cost of figure skating: (1) ice time (2) coaching. When she's first learning to skate, you'll probably be buying the two packaged together. In Canada, there's a program called CanSkate and kids learn in groups. Once she progresses out of CanSkate, you may have to pay for ice and coaching separately or you might still be able to get some combined, it depends on your club.

There are some other lesser but not insignificant cost considerations as well. Skates, skating outfits and a skating bag are the minimum. Up until your daughter reaches a certain level, she can probably wear whatever she's comfortable and warm in. When they're first learning, the can spend a fair bit of time falling down on the ice and standing up, so snow pants or at least waterproof windpants help a lot. Once they start learning more figure skating specific techniques, they'll need to be in proper skating outfits. Depending on your club and coach, some are real sticklers for proper skating dresses etc. while others are fine if your daughter shows up in sweatpants and a hoody. Skating outfits start around $75 and run up to a couple of hundred dollars. Once you're talking about high level competition outfits, then you're into thousands of dollars. You can of course spend a lot more than that too, but you don't have to spend that in the early years (assuming you can resist the “Oh Pleeeeease!” when you go to the skate shop). With a little looking around, you can probably find a store somewhere that sells used skating outfits as well. Many of them don't have much wear-and-tear on them before kids out-grow them so check around.

Just starting:
Skates $35-75 – Some skate shops sell used skates on a consignment basis.
Beginning lessons and coaching 1 hour per week for 9 months $500

After a couple of years:
Skates $75 – 250
Coaching 30 minutes per week for 9 months - highly variable but think $1000
Ice time 2 hours per week for 9 months – Depends a lot on the club and the city ballpark $1000
Associate fees, administration fees, fundraising fees $50-200
Competition fees - depends on how many you participate in so plan on $75-100 per event for registration.