When do we need to select a coach?

You will need to select a figure skating coach when your kid moves up from Canskate or when they've graduated out of group lessons. Some clubs have kids move directly from from CanSkate group lessons into one-on-one private coaching while others have group lessons for more advanced skaters. So you don't have to worry about selecting a figure skating coach until your kid's skating skills really start to develop.

Group lessons for kids who have moved beyond CanSkate can be an effective and economical alternative to private lessons. They also offer kids an opportunity to make friends and get to know some of the other kids at the club (at least those in their group). You're not paying for them to go out on the ice and socialize, but if they make a few friends, they're more likely to want to continue on with skating and they'll enjoy their time more. They may also be self motivated to keep up with some of the other kids that they skate with and their skills may improve faster than if they were on their own.