Will my kid make friends at skating?

Maybe. The reality is that figure skating is largely an individual sport. In addition, ice time ain't cheap and neither is coaching so when the kids are on the ice, they need to make the best use of their time. Standing around talking doesn't really fit. And, some clubs just aren't that friendly. However, there are opportunities to make friends.

Competitions often result in large gaps of time between events when kids can hang out. Parents often get to know each other while sitting in the stands. Look around, you'll start to recognize familiar faces. If your club holds a club competition (members only rather than inviting other clubs to participate), this is a good chance to meet people. Some clubs run summer camp programs which combine skating and other activities. This is a great way to make friends. Group lessons or semi-private lessons where a coach has two or three or four kids together are also a good start. At the very least, it builds familiarity with other kids.