Will my daughter get hurt skating?

The cold hard truth (often referred to as ice)  is yes but hopefully not very often and not too seriously. In the big scheme of sports that you can get hurt doing, figure skating is not at the bottom but a fair ways from the top. She will fall. If she wants to be good, she will fall a lot. If she's small, she won't usually get hurt falling. The next worst falls are when she lands hard on her tail bone. That hurts a lot!

Once she develops some skill, she won't generally hit her head on the ice but that is always a risk and happens occasionally but we're not usually talking about concussion-inducing hitting. However, concussions do happen so be aware of the risk. Many kids are very adept at keeping their heads up off the ice no matter how they fall. Some aren't as good at that and may bump their heads more often.

Other hazards include collisions with other skaters. The more kids that are on the ice, the more likely this is to happen. It happens more with younger kids who are less aware but who have developed their skating skills enough to have some speed. And it usually seems to happen when two kids are skating backwards. They don't generally get hurt when this happens.

Broken arms, wrists, and legs happen but are rare.

Then, there is this whole issue of kids spinning around with what are effectively knife blades attached to their feet. It can be particularly disconcerting when kids are doing camel spins. However, in the 10 years I've spent at the rink, I've only seen two kids hurt by blades and one was self-inflicted.

Finally, good physical conditioning is an important element of not getting hurt. A good office program helps to build the muscles and flexibility that are required for many of the skating moves.